At AquaCave, we offer some of the best selection & best prices on submersible water pumps and powerheads for you marine, reef, and freshwater aquarium.
Submersible Aquarium Water Pumps and powerheads are operating while being completely submersed inside aquarium or sump filter. Rather than sucking water through an inlet tube like an external pump, most submersible pumps and powerheads do not have an inlet in which you can attach tubing or hose. They are used primarily to feed protein skimmers and reactors and to provide water movement within the tank.





































Submersible Aquarium Water Pumps & Powerheads

Azoo Aquarium Powerheads : Azoo Aquarium Powerheads are suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums and garden ponds. Azoo powerheads can be used to pump water, provide oxygen, or power a fountain.

Eheim Universal Water Pumps:
These versatile water pumps are perfect for returning water from sump filter systems and can be used either submersed in the water, or located in-line outside of the sump (less heat transfer).
Highly energy efficient with silent operation, these dependable pumps will give years of operation.
* Low energy, less heat transfer to water
* Can be used submerged or in-line
* Silent operation
* Ceramic shaft, suitable for fresh or salt water
* Threaded hose barbs for intake/outlet included
* Optional screen prefilter intake

- 1046 Universal Water Pump by Eheim
- 1048 Universal Water Pump by Eheim
- 1250 Universal Water Pump by Eheim
- 1260 Universal Water Pump by Eheim
- 1262 Universal Water Pump by Eheim

Hailea HX Aquarium Powerheads : Hailez HX water Pumps are a great value. These powerful submersible water pumps are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including hatcheries, aquariums, hydrophonics, and water gardens.
HX water pumps are magnetically driven, they are fresh and saltwater compatible and feature an alumina ceramic shaft.

Mag Drive Aquarium Water Pumps : Mag Drive pumps may be used externally or submersed. Top quality features such as ceramic shaft, heavy duty copper motor windings, standard NPT ports, internal o-ring seals and ceramic/magnetic impellers make Mag Drive pumps reliable and consistent.

Maxi-Jet Aquarium Powerheads : Maxi-Jet pump and powerhead is ideal for powering undergravel filters or creating internal water movement from its fully rotational output. The Maxi-Jet powerhead incorporates a venturi aeration device to provide optimal aeration and gas exchange in the aquarium.

Ocean Runner Aquarium Water Pumps by AquaMedic : The Ocean Runner pumps are powerful universal pumps to be used as circulation or current pumps, both in saltwater and freshwater aquarium. The Ocean Runners are supplied with a rugged pump housing, an energy saving motor, a polished ceramic shaft and ceramic bearings. All these qualities ensure a quiet and maintenance free performance for many years.

Resun King Aquarium Water Pumps : Resun King Aquarium Water Pumps are Quiet and afordable. These water pumps come with One Year Warranty.
- Quiet One Aquarium Water Pumps

Sedra Aquarium Water Pumps

SEIO Super Flow Aquarium Powerheads : Seio Super Flow Aquarium Powerheads pumps are energy efficient, put out very low heat and provide very high-volume and well-dispersed water flow: These features help to keep electric bills low, while adding the needed flow to your tank. Additional features of Seio Super Flow Aquarium Powerheads include ceramic shafts and durable high-impact plastic impellers that make these pumps reliable and long-lasting.

Sen Aquarium Water Pumps : Sen Aquarium Water Pumps are thermally protected Powerful, quiet, and reliable. Sen Aquarium Water Pumps are ideal for saltwater or freshwater applications.

Tunze Turbelle Streams & Accessories : Since the introduction of the Tunze Turbelle stream pump, the realisation of currents in reef aquariums has changed. Tunze Turbelle stream pump has been developed especially for water circulation in aquariums and sets an absolute record in the field of aquarium pumps with 20,000 l/h (5,283 US gal./h) and an energy consumption of 62 Watt.

ZooMed Power-Sweep Aquarium Powerheads : Automatic rotating feature of ZooMed Power Sweep Aquarium Powerhead creates greater surface agitation allowing a high oxygen exchange rate. Rotating feature breaks down the surface film of dead bacteria which can inhibit oxygen exchange.

VorTech Propeller Pump by EcoTech Marine :
Bracketless Design
The VorTech minimizes the intrusion of equipment in your tank by using a patent pending bracketless design; this allows the motor to be on the outside of the aquarium and uses a magnetic field to transfer torque through the aquarium wall to the propeller located in the water.
No Heat added to the water
Due to the use of high intensity metal halide lighting, inefficient return pumps, and powerheads, many aquarists must resort to expensive equipment or loud fans to keep their water temperature stable. The VorTech induces very little heat into the aquarium because of EcoTech Marine's patent pending magnetically coupled design which transfers motion through the glass, but not heat.
Controllable and Versatile
The VorTech uses the most advanced motor technology available, allowing the water flow rate to be completely controllable. Operating on tanks between 20 and 500 gallons and producing between 100 and 3,000 gallons per hour of flow, the VorTech is the most versatile flow product on the market. The VorTech is designed to operate on gap thickness from 1/8" to 3/4".
No AC electricity in the aquarium water
The VorTech is safer than existing products because there is no dangerous AC electricity brought into the aquarium. This keeps your fish and corals happy and healthy, while minimizing your own risk of electrocution.
Run-Safe Design
The VorTech is designed to be the safest and most reliable product on the market: Over-current protection - if the propeller becomes jammed, our microcontroller will sense the problem and shut the motor down to prevent overheating. Magnetic couple protection - if the VorTech becomes separated into two parts during operation, our microcontroller will sense the separation and cut power to the motor.
Energy Savings
The VorTech moves more water within your aquarium than conventional powerheads, plus you save money by not having to invest in and run a costly chiller.
Low Maintenance
The VorTech is virtually maintenance free. Classic powerheads use an impeller attached to a magnet assembly which needs to be cleaned every few months. The VorTech need only be serviced minimally to replace a simple and economical bearing every few years.
Wave Controller Accessory*
The EcoTech Wave Controller will wirelessly control up to 10 VorTech Propeller Pumps with an intuitive user interface while creating optiomal flow using wave motion algorithms.
*Note: Product currently in development
Battery Backup Acessory
An IceCap, Inc. battery backup powers the EcoTech Marine VorTech Propeller Pump for up to 24-hours during a power outage emergency.

Koralia Power Heads by Hydor

Sicce Voyager High Flow Powerheads: The Voyager 2 is the NEW stream pump for marine aquariums, reef aquariums, and fresh water aquariums, with flow rates up to 800 gallons per hour. Thanks to the exclusive magnetic support, it can be positioned anywhere: on the sides, behind the tank, and around the aquariums corners. Its support permits it to reach the widest angulations: up to 180 degrees vertically and 360 degrees circulatory with endless orientation possibilities. The Voyager's versatility in movement and positioning makes it possible to hide it anywhere, always assuring optimal performances. The rotation of the front ring nut allows you to regulate the flow, recreating faithfully the effect of marine currents and satisfying even the most particular of your corals needs. And with the most durable rotor and shaft, the unique bidirectional design of the rotor assures that the pump always starts in the correct sense, avoiding the annoying noises provoked by an inversion of the sense of circulation. The rotor and shaft of the Voyager are wear-resistant beyond compare! Most suction cups applied in a salt water tank become stiff with time, compromising their hold and causing the pump to become instable. The exclusive magnetic support for the Voyager is long-lasting and reliable and is ideal for glasses of 15mm width.

The Voyager can be used in fresh water aquariums. In fact, it can be used to raise the deposits from the bottom of the tank for better filtration, contributing to cleaner and clearer water.

Maximum inclination, flexibility, silence & reliability - all in one unit!

- 800 gallons per hour
- 7 watts
- Dimensions (excluding bracket): 3 5/8"L x 2.5" W x 3" H
- CE & UL listed
- 3 year warranty
- 360 degree pump rotation
- Adjustable pump body, rotates and tilts
- Support w/ magnets and suction cups
- Water capacity regulator

Sicce Voyager 1 High Flow Pump With Rotating Deflector, 607 GPH

Sicce Voyager 2 High Flow Water Pump, Powerhead,800 GPH

Sicce Voyager 3 High Flow Water Pump, Powerhead,1,200 GPH

Sicce Voyager 4 High Flow Water Pump, Powerhead, 1,600 GPH

Sicce Syncra Aquarium Water Pumps: Thanks to of 35 years of experience, Sicce`s Syncra Silent pumps are equipped with a synchronous motor and an advanced rotor which makes the pumps 100% silent. International patents and extensive research and development insure all Sicce pumps are state of the art for efficiency and performance.

A new range of pumps which ensure high energy savings, quiet operation, ergonomic design, powerful performance, resistance to harsh conditions, and are reliable.

Syncra Silent, with their innovative technology, are versatile with a range uses.
They are ideal for fresh and salt water aquariums, protein skimmers, calcium reactors, indoor & outdoor fountains, water-cooling and all submersible and inline applications which require high performance and total silence.

Thanks to Sicce's 35 years of experience, Syncra Silent are equipped with a synchronous motor and an advanced rotor which makes them efficient and silent . . . ``even more than a fish!``

Advantages of Synchronous Motors by Sicce Synchronous motors have the following advantages over non-synchronous motors:
- Speed is independent of the load, providing an adequate field current is applied.
- Accurate control in speed and position using open loop controls is possible.

Their power factor can be adjusted to unity by using a proper field current relative to the load.
A capacitive power factor, (current phase leads voltage phase), can be obtained by increasing this current slightly, which can help achieve a better power factor correction.

- Their construction allows for increased electrical efficiency when a low speed is required.
- Better Performance.
- Higher Head Pressure per watt
- Higher Flow Per Watt
- More efficient
- Maximum energy conservation and lower electric bills
- Quiet Operation below 30db
- Much Smoother Rotation
- Less heat transfer
- Fewer vibrations
- Programmable Controls are made possible for automatic speed regulation.
- Rotors can be made smaller than asynchronous motors with better performance

Sicce Syncra Water Pump Model 0.5, 185 GPH

Sicce Syncra Water Pump Model 1.0, 251 GPH

Sicce Syncra Water Pump Model 1.5, 357 GPH

Sicce Syncra Water Pump Model 2.0, 528 GPH

Sicce Syncra Water Pump Model 3.0, 714 GPH

Sicce Syncra Water Pump Model 3.5, 634 GPH

Sicce Syncra Water Pump Model 4.0, 951 GPH

Sicce Syncra Water Pump Model 5.0, 1,321 GPH

Water Bluster Water Pumps: Our new Water Blaster pumps are based off the same design as the Bubble Blaster pumps but intended for water circulation. These pumps feature a digital control circuit board inside that controls directional start up and RPM speeds. This smart circuit board will shut the pump off if it detects a problem.
Something never seen before on internal or external pumps is the Silicone Nitride shafts and bearings that we use. The benefit of this material is that it will not allow calcium to adhere to it like ceramic. This means less maintenance and cleaning and more time for you to enjoy your aquarium instead of working on it!
With the performance of these pumps and a 3-year warranty how can you go wrong. We offer several different models for water flow and head pressures. Check out our complete line for a circulation pump that fits your needs. You can also download the Blaster pump poster below here.

Water Blaster HY 10,000 Circulating Water Pump

Water Blaster HY 2000 Circulating Water Pump

Water Blaster HY 3000 Circulating Water Pump

Water Blaster HY 5000 Circulating Water Pump

Water Blaster HY 7000 Circulating Water Pump

MP-10 ES Vortech Propeller Pump by EcoTech Marine; Designed especially for nano-reef aquariums, the MP10 ES from EcoTech Marine is a small yet powerful pump. The MP10—ideal for tanks from 2.5 to 50 gallons—creates gentle flows of 200 to 1,575 gallons per hour, helping the tanks feel more like the ocean.
The MP10 ES uses award-winning technology to let you take full control of the flow. It can also be upgraded to an MP10w ES. With all the electrical components outside the aquarium and a variety of easy-to-program modes on the EcoSmart Driver, the VorTech is the safest, most versatile pump on the market.

Operational Modes
Constant Speed Mode - Pump runs continuously at a constant speed which can be set by the user.

EcoSmart Nutrient Transport Mode (NTM)
A two phase program to promote maximum health and nutrient export, as well as increased growth for corals. Alternates between a resonant standing wave and a surge effect to stir up and export nutrients.

EcoSmart Tidal Swell Mode (TSM)
Creates a harmonic balance in your aquarium reminiscent of the changing flow conditions that would be found in nature. Flow varies from left to right, right to left, calm, and ends with a great surge.

Reef Crest Random Mode
Reef Crest Random Mode simulates the high-energy conditions of a natural reef crest environment.

Lagoonal Random Mode
Simulates the gentler reef zone found in a natural lagoon.

Short Pulse Mode
Allows for wave pulse timings between 0.3 and two seconds, enabling the creation of FAST alternating flow throughout the tank. Use this mode to create a resonant standing wave.

Long Pulse Mode
Allows for wave pulse timings of between 2 seconds and 60 seconds, enabling the creation of slow alternating flow throughout the tank.

Feed Mode
Slows down pump to allow user to feed aquarium. User can select the duration and speed for Feed Mode.

Night Mode
Automatically reduce speed and operates continuously at that speed for a period of time during the night. User can select the duration and speed for Night Mode.

Battery Backup Mode
When used with our battery backup accessory, the VorTech pump will switch to Battery Backup Mode in the event of a power outage and will operate at a user set speed. The LED’s on your EcoSmart driver will count down to indicate how much power is available within the battery.

LED’s are turned off and display knob dimmed significantly, but pump functions in its current mode. User can program how long after use before the driver enters Auto-Dim.

On/Off Switch
Tap the on/off switch to turn off and turn on a pump. Hold this button to turn off all pumps in a master/slave group. Tap any pump in the groups’ on/off switch and that pump will turn back on.


* Flow: 200 to 1575 gph
* Wattage: 8 to 18 watts
* Maximum Tank Thickness: 3/8″
* Appropriate Tank Size Range: 2.5 to 50 gal
* Dimensions: Wet Side- 2.5″ diameter by 1.5″ long, Dry Side – 2.5″ diameter by 2″ long
* Clearance Needed Behind Aquarium: 2.25″

MP-10W ES Vortech Propeller Pump by EcoTech Marine

MP-40W ES Vortech Propeller Pump by EcoTech Marine

VorTech Pump Battery Back-Up

Koralia EVOLUTION High Flow Power Heads by Hydor; The Koralia Evolution 750 circulation pump offers the apex in efficiency and flow. Designed to work with wave timers, Koralia Evolution 750s also feature extremely low power consumption and superior energy efficiency.
With a smaller footprint than previous models, Koralia Evolution 750 pumps blend seamlessly into your aquarium's backdrop. Koralia's patented magnet suction-cup technology is improved too: now featuring a vibration-absorbing element to minimize movement and support smoother flow.


* WATTS: 4.5W
* OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 6 in. x 6 in. dia.
* MAXIMUM TANK SIZE: Fresh - up to 90 gallon./ Salt - 50 gallon

Koralia EVOLUTION 750 High Flow Power Head by Hydor

Koralia EVOLUTION 1050 High Flow Power Head by Hydor

Koralia EVOLUTION 1400 High Flow Power Head by Hydor

EcoPlus Submersible Water Pumps: Powerful oil free high magnetic rotor. Ceramic shaft and bearing insures reliability and quiet operation. Trouble free one moving part. Strainer protects impeller from damage.
Salt water compatible impellers.
*Fittings included.

Danner Pondmaster Supreme HY-Drive Water Pumps; This continuous duty pump is designed to move large volumes of water silently and efficiently through filtration systems or to a waterfall, stream, or fountain.
It incorporates a high efficiency vortex impeller in conjunction with a ceramic impeller shaft and bearings to provide energy savings while maintaining high output.
This pump can be used submersed or inline, indoors or outdoors (note: when used inline, should be placed below the water level since it is not self-priming. Never run dry). Rotor assembly is removable for simple cleaning and maintenance.
Unique design reduces the frequency of pump cleaning while maintaining optimum water flow.

* Powerful, efficient hybrid magnetic/direct drive motor
* Energy efficient to reduce operating costs
* Whisper-quiet operation
* Specifically designed for use with saltwater and freshwater aquariums
* Fish-safe because no oil is used
* Continuous duty operation
* Integrated filter screen for clog-resistant operation
* 10' power cord with ground plug
* Inline and submersible operation
* Convenient base plate included
* 2 Year Warranty

Pondmaster Pro Line HY-Drive 1600 w/Prefilter Screen

Pondmaster Pro Line HY-Drive 2100 w/Prefilter Screen

Pondmaster Pro Line HY-Drive 2600 w/Prefilter Screen

Pondmaster Pro Line HY-Drive 3200 w/Prefilter Screen

Pondmaster Pro Line HY-Drive 4000 w/Prefilter Screen

Pondmaster Pro Line HY-Drive 4800 w/Prefilter Screen

Pondmaster Pro Line HY-Drive 6000 w/Prefilter Screen



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