Aqua Care Turbo Magnesium Media, 2.5 kg.

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Aqua Care Turbo Magnesium Media, 2.5 kg.

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Aqua Care Turbo Magnesium Media, 2.5 kg.The Turbo Magnesium granules are like the calcium Turbo Granules a high-soluble product.

Aqua Care Turbo Magnesium Media, 2.5 kg..

The Turbo Magnesium granules are like the calcium Turbo Granules a high-soluble product. The solubility is several times higher than conventional materials, e.g. dolomite rock. So in aquarium conditions more magnesium in the same time will be dissolved.

Magnesium is not only taken up by some organisms (e.g. algae crusts, gorgonia), it plays an important role for the lime household. If the magnesium concentration in sea water falls clearly under 1300 mg/l, it easily happens that calcium precipitates e.g. as calcium carbonate and is not dissolved in the water any longer. Calcium concentration and carbonate hardness are falling rapidly; often so fast that the chalk reactor does not produce enough calcium and carbonate hardness to hold the concentrations of the two ions. Magnesium plays an important role as a precipitation inhibitor in the water chemistry of the sea aquariums. Only if sufficient magnesium is present as ion in the water - optimum at 1350 mg/l - calcium can also be in solution, too - (approx. 400 mg/l).

The Turbo Magnesium should not be mixed with calcium material in the chalk reactor. Because the granules have different dissolving properties. The aquarist can control the dissolving process of the two granules in a mixed system very badly. It is better to install a further column behind the chalk reactor (conventional system or Turbo Chalk Reactor) and fill this with Turbo Magnesium. If the optimal magnesium concentration is reached in the aquarium water, the column can be simply removed and the lime reactor is working alone. The achievement of the magnesium column can be adjusted with the amount of granules. The more granules are used the higher the efficiency. Fresh Turbo Magnesium granules are more efficient than used material.

Only if the needs are VERY high you can put the Turbo-Magnesium directly into the chalk reactor.

The magnesium concentration should be examined in the aquarium monthly. As a rough guideline use 1 litre magnesium granulates per 1000 litres aquarium volume. Depending on your aquarium this quantity can be however too much or too less. The individual quantity can be found out only by own attempts. The right volume of Turbo Magnesium granules can change from year to year. Therefore the regular control of the magnesium concentration is important.

The water that flows over the Turbo Magnesium granules has a higher pH value. If the pH values in the aquarium water is over 8,3 the pH value should be controlled regularly and if necessary the magnesium granulates must be removed.

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