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AquaC Remora Protein Skimmer with Drain Fitting & Maxi-Jet 1200 Pump

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AquaC Remora Protein Skimmerwith Drain Fitting & Maxi-Jet 1200 PumpThese innovative hang-on-tank skimmers install in seconds and make high performance foam fractionation available to those with sumpless systems...

AquaC Remora Protein Skimmer with Drain Fitting & Maxi-Jet 1200 Pump.


These innovative hang-on-tank skimmers install in seconds and make high performance foam fractionation available to those with sumpless systems.
Unlike traditional H.O.T. models, the Remora is a non-venturi skimmer that benefits from the powerful and patented Spray Injection System. If you are searching for the most compact, efficient, and powerful hang-on-tank skimmer on the market, look no further.
AquaC has finished development of the Remora - the most radical design in skimming to date! Using the same patent pending spray-induction system as their acclaimed in-sump skimmers, AquaC`s Remora is simply the best hang-on available today. The Remora is rated up to 75 gallons and requires a scant 2.75" clearance from the back of the tank. That is slim! You`ll appreciate its low profile, only 6" of vertical clearance is required.
Standard equipment include a Maxi-Jet 1200 water pump, adjustable collection cup, and a special baffle system which prevents any bubbles from entering the aquarium.

The AquaC Remora Series is the first hang-on protein skimmer under $250 to be able to generate a dry consistency of foam that previously only an in-sump "super-skimmer" is capable of. This is especially true of the AquaC Remora Pro.


- Tank Size (Gallons): up to 75
- Included Pump: MaxiJet 1200
- Includes Collection Cup Drain Fitting
- Skimmer Height: 17.5"
- Minimum Tank Height: 12.75"
- Minimum Overhead Clearance for Proper Function: 5.5"
- Depth: 2.75"
- Width: 6"

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  1. One of the best hob protein skimmers on the market. Review by Jason
    Product Rating:

    This thing pulls out some nasty, smelly, super green gunk. The only con i could find and it's just my opinion is the fact their is no air intake. I like running the air intake outside for help maintaining ph levels and with this skimmer i cannot. (Posted on 10/18/2014)

  2. Great Skimmer Review by IJE

    Very quiet - great on my 24 gal Nano. Hangs right on the back w/o any trouble for installation.

    Started doing its job after a couple of days of small micro bubbles and wet foam.

    Very happy w/ the purchase. Tried a couple of others before setting sights on this one. Glad I did. (Posted on 12/28/2009)

  3. great for price Review by

    I got the hang on back remora with maxi jet 1200 and the drain fitting nozzle. First I would like to say that you should pay the extra money for the nozzle because it provides a means of transporting any overflow from the collection cup to, in my case, a empty 2 liter pepsi bottle. Its nice to know you wont come home to a mess if the skimmer decides to kick it into over-drive. As for the skimmer itself, it is great. It pulls some pretty thick stuff from the tank. It looks nice, and it is not to big. I would say its pretty easy to clean as well; just take it outside and spray it down with a hose! It comes with a cleaning utensil as well. It is loud at first, but you will get use to it. I did a cheap 2 dollar modification over the spray injection nozzle to decrease excess noise. The tank is literally 2 feet from my bed and does not keep me up at all. I did not give it 5 stars because the maxi jet 1200 hanging down into the tank can take away from the aesthetics of the tank. Of course, this can be dealt with by purchasing the preskimmer box, but if you buy that you have to stay on top of your water or get an auto top off!!!!! I just got a small black bucket and cut it in half accordingly , and fit it over the maxi jet in the tank with holes to allow adequate flow. That was only about $2.00, so I am sure someone else can come up with something much nicer looking. Get this skimmer if you are not purchasing a sump!!!! (Posted on 6/30/2009)

  4. Absloutely perfect Review by Fuson

    Right out of the box this skimmer did exactly what it was supposed to do. I used to use the Seaclone 100, which I had nothing but problems with, such as not skimming, wouldn't produce micro bubbles no matter how it was adjusted, the only micro bubbles that it did produce were in the tank, but ever since the first day of putting the Remora on my tank it has performed phenomenally. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who was looking for an inexpensive skimmer that works as good as any other expensive skimmer. (Posted on 4/23/2009)

  5. An Outstanding Skimmer Purchase Review by tolson

    After much research I purchased the AquaC Remora from Aqua Cave. Mine is a 2 month Old Reef tank with low bio-load. The skimmer released many micro bubbled into the tank for about 2 weeks it then subsided. I personally don't think it is that noisy. I get some pretty foul skim out of this skimmer. I ordered the Skimmer with the drain not realizing that if you don't want to use the drain it needs to be plugged and the plug was not included. A quick call to AquaC in San Diego and 4 days later I had my plug for the collection cup. Great customer service by 2 companies, AquaC....and Aqua Cave.
    Tom Olson (Posted on 4/9/2009)

  6. Best HOB skimmer in business Review by FalsePercula26

    Upgraded Protein skimmer with the Remora HOB and couldn't be more pleased. This Skimmer is fantastic! Quiet and creates a consistent flow of excess waste in collection cup. I would recommend getting the drain attachment for vacations, due to volume of water skimmed. Clean out daily!! also using skimmer box for aesthetic purposes. Highly recommended skimmer A+ (Posted on 3/8/2009)

  7. Buy this skimmer Review by kidzag

    I purchased this skimmer to replace the barely adequate one that was included with my JBJ 28 HQI Nanocube. It works great and only took minutes to install. I simply removed the old skimmer, placed the pump in the skimmer chamber of my JBJ, hung the unit on the back of my tank and filled it up. Its been running 2 months now with zero problems. I do have to clean it frequently because of the massive amount of organics being removed. The only complaints I had were that it was a little noisy (until I installed the mod to quiet it)and I had micro bubbles in the tank for about a week. This is an outstanding skimmer ! (Posted on 6/11/2008)

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