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Temperature Controllers

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  1.  Pinpoint Temperature Controller

    Pinpoint Temperature Controller


    Reward Points Policy 1,999 AQUAPOINTS

    Pinpoint Temperature Controller by American Marine.

    PINPOINT Temperature Controller™ is an inexpensive but rugged controller that can be used for a chiller or a heater; or both a chiller and a heater.
    Fully programmable setpoints. Farenheit only readout and resolution to 1/10 of a degree, e.g. 78.6 F, make this an easy choice for larger reef systems. Available 110VAC only.

    * The PINPOINT Temperature Controller™ is the perfect way to regulate temperature in the aquarium.
    * 110 VAC operation.
    * Never needs calibration.

    * Temperature Measurement Range 32.0° F – 212.0° F
    * Temperature Control Range 60.0° F – 102.0° F
    * Differential Minimum ±0.5° F of a selected temperature
    * Differential Maximum ±10.0° F of a selected temperature
    * 3 1/2 Digit LCD Display
    * Resolution: 000.0° Fahrenheit Degree
    * 2 Independent 12 Amp 110 VAC Relay Outputs

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  2. Tunze Temperature Controller Set 7028/3A

    Tunze Temperature Controller Set 7028/3A


    Reward Points Policy 2,377 AQUAPOINTS
    This controller set is a measuring and regulating station used to heat or cool with a reading in Celsius. With the power supply by the switched socket outlet provided the controller operates as a power supply unit... Learn More
  3. JBJ TRUE-TEMP Digital Heater Controller

    JBJ TRUE-TEMP Digital Heater Controller


    Reward Points Policy 899 AQUAPOINTS

    JBJ TrueTemp Digital Heater Controller. 

    JBJ introduces the TRUE TEMP digital heater controller, the most accurate and precise controller in the aquarium industry. The all new TRUE TEMP boasts amazing +/- 0.5 F accuracy, a calibration setting, smart memory chip, LED heating indicator, and a large constant LED display of the current temperature. 
    Maintaining the correct temperature for tropical fish may be the single most imporatant factor for a successful aquarium. Since fish do not have the ability to regulate their own body temperature, it is crucial that we can provide consistent water temperatures with minimal fluctuations. 
    Majority of fish cannot cope with stress from constant temperature fluctuations, which leads to a compromised immune system. This increases the probability of avoidable diseases, parasites, and bacterial infections.

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  4. Pro Heat D-1500 Heater Controller

    Pro Heat D-1500 Heater Controller


    Reward Points Policy 999 AQUAPOINTS
    Pro Heat D-1500 Heater Controller- D-1500 temperature controller can be used for both heater and chiller operation by alteration of heating mode and/or cooling (chiller) mode. It can be operated for heating mode up to 1500 watt heater or for cooling mode up to HP chiller that does not equipped with controller. Displays temperature with the Fahrenheit or Celsius mode.- Ideal for aquarium, pond, electro-plating and industrial field.- Higher wattage controller can be used to operate up to the mentioned maximum wattages with low wattage multiple heaters without problem when using the rated extension cord strip to maximum wattages. Learn More
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