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JBJ 45 Gallon RL Series

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JBJ 45 Gallon RL Series

JBJ 45 Gallon RL Series

Aquarium Specs:

- 45 Gallon Capacity
- 8 mm Bent Glass
- Tempered Glass Lid & Clips
- Dimensions: 26.5" x 21" x 19"


- Acrylic Filter Wall w/ Dual Overflows
- 3 stage filter Media basket
- Mechanical Sponges
- Activated Carbon Sponges
- Biological Ceramic rings
- Dual return Nozzles
- Dual SP-1000 (266GPH) High Efficiency Pumps Included
- Designated Heater and Chiller Column
- JBJ chiller installation kit available separately for quick and easy chiller installation.
- Designated Refugium Column
- Center Filtration/Media/Heater Chamber 5” x 16” x 19”
- Overflow Dims: 5” x 5” x 19”

Questions on JBJ 45 Gallon RL Series

  • From Priscilla Guerra at 7/3/2014 11:20 PM
    • What are the dimensions for the filtration part of this tank? Thanks in advance!
    • Hello, here are the dimensions for the back filtration portion of the tank,

      Center Filtration/Media/Heater Chamber 5” x 16” x 19”

      Overflow Dims: 5” x 5” x 19”
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  1. Left corner cracked in less than 48 hours Review by Jlocke
    Product Rating:

    I purchased a JBJ 45g RL aquarium from Marine Depot several months ago. When the aquarium arrived the lids were packed inside the tank. However they were not properly secured and came loose in shipping resulting in the lids shattering and scratching the inside glass of the aquarium. I contacted Marine Depot and they said they would send a replacement once back in stock.

    After waiting four more weeks the aquarium finally arrived. Once again the lids arrived shattered inside the tank but the inside glass wasn't scratched as bad this time. Rather than wait again for another replacement I figured I would live with it and set up the tank.

    I finally got around to setting it up this past Saturday. It was looking great until this morning (LESS THAN 48 HOURS) when it cracked at the left front corner from the top all the way to the bottom and spewed the 45 gallons all over my living room!!

    I contacted Marine Depot and told them about the situation. I told them I did not want a replacement I just wanted a refund. They contacted JBJ who denied the refund and want to send me another replacement. I do not want another 45 gallons of water on my floor!! Thanks though

    In the end I would highly advise against buying a JBJ rimless tank. Obviously the quality control is not in place on these and I would hate for someone else to go through this headache that I have. (Posted on 7/27/2015)

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