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JBJ Gravel Vacuum Cleaner + Auto Siphon Pump

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Making Water Changes Fun & EasyThe Reason We ShouldFrequent water changes are a way of life for hobbyists worldwide to remove metabolic waste, particulate matter, and diluting nutrients in enclosed aquariums.

JBJ Gravel Vacuum Cleaner + Auto Siphon Pump.


Making Water Changes Fun & Easy

The Reason We Should
Frequent water changes are a way of life for hobbyists worldwide to remove metabolic waste, particulate matter, and diluting nutrients in enclosed aquariums.

Keeping a regular maintenance schedule ensures a healthy environment for fish, corals, and invertebrates while reducing the accumulation of nitrate. Replenishing with fresh & clean water is vital to restore trace minerals, buffering capacity, and maintaining tolerable nitrogenous levels.

The Reason We Don't
There are many annoyances associated with gravel vacuuming, such as getting the siphon started, spilling water, and stressing tank inhabitants.

Instant siphon 2Making Life Easier
The JBJ Instant Siphon in an all-in-one gravel cleaner that makes maintenance fun and simplified. This tool is so simple and easy to operate, you'll never need to purchase another gravel cleaner again.

Our innovative siphon pump only requires a few squeezes to create a siphon from your aquarium. No need to drink "fish water" ever again.

Dirty water, detritus, and gravel are vacuumed into the intake chamber, where the gravel is separated from the waste and water and allowed to settle back to the aquarium floor. The dirty water and waste is siphoned out without any mess and minimal disruptions to the natural setting of the aquarium. As a safety measure, we've integrated a gravel/fish strainer in case of accidents.

Instant Siphon 3Our rigid tube handle keeps the gravel cleaner stable and is a plus for deeper tanks. You also have the flexibility of adjusting the flow valve for faster flow rates, needed for larger aquariums and slower flow rates for smaller aquariums. If you prefer not to siphon out to a bucket, you can easily attach extra flexible tubing to the barbed outlet of the flow valve and siphon directly to a drain.

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  1. little cumbersome but works well Review by Timothy
    Product Rating:

    so i have a 29 gallon tank and once i fill it with lifestock especially rocks i'm not so sure i'm gonna be able to actually use. there is a hard piece of plastic between the open inlet cup and the bendable plastic that i had to modify by cutting with saw, otherwise i'd have to just buy a regular old siphon. plus would be the plastic slit guard inside the barrel just prior to the hose opening to keep lifestock from being sucked up and out into the collection bucket. the switch bulb is a nice idea but honestly just get it started the old fashion way works just fine. JBJ does but out quality products so i'm gonna keep it for now. (Posted on 8/28/2014)

  2. No more pumping and sucking Review by A.D

    I didnt buy this online but saw that AquaCave stock it.

    After using a normal gravel cleaning which you have to pump up and down or fill the tube up with water to make the siphon work, I decide I need to find a good gravel cleaner that that make it so hard to clean gravel/sand.

    I have sand on my tank so I really like how I can give it a few pump and the water start flowing!

    The long handle work with very deep tank like my 55g and make it easier to move it around!

    You can control the flow of the water if you like so you can clean the tank without taking a lot of water out. Also you can stop the flow and restart again with the control valve which is a plus!!

    This have make it so much easier for me to do water change! Great product that everyone should own! (Posted on 9/24/2010)

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