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Maxspect Mazarra P MZ-P01 Complete 3 Module LED Lighting System

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Maxspect Mazarra PMZ-P01 Complete3 Module LED LightingSystem

The Maxspect Mazarra LED Cree Lighting System is an innovative solution to modern aquarium lighting.

Maxspect Mazarra P MZ-P01 Complete 3 Module LED Lighting System.

The following items are included with this kit:

* 3 of Maxspect Mazarra P LT-MAX-PLED LED Modules
* 1 of Maxspect Mazarra Package A - 9.4" Tank Mount
* 1 of Maxspect Mazarra P LT-MAX-E Frame Mount
* 2 of Maxspect Mazarra P LT-MAX-PPS Power Supply
* 1 of Maxspect Mazarra P LT-MAX-PCU Series Controller

Introducing the Maxspect Mazarra LED Aquarium Lighting System

The Maxspect Mazarra LED Cree Lighting System is an innovative solution to modern aquarium lighting. It has a splendid contemporary design, elegantly crafted from aluminum where every detail was carefully attended to.

Available in a beautiful matte black, the Mazarra Cree LED aquarium light is not only a light source for your aquarium, but also a centerpiece of your living area.

The Mazarra utilizes state-of-the-art technologies, from wireless controller to latest LED chips, offering optimized performance and unparalleled energy efficiency.

The Mazarra is designed with one goal in mind: Customizability – letting you to take full control over you lighting system.

The Cree XLamp® XM-L chip is capable of producing up to 180 lumen/watt. This means at the same wattage it can produce up to 250% more luminous output than an older generation model.

With this advanced LED aquarium lighting technology, a standard Mazarra system consuming a mere 120w of power will be able to out-perform the 160w model from the previous generation.

Utilizing the latest Cree high performance high intensity XLamp® XM-L chip, the Mazarra will consume less power yet producing more PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) for even your most demanding corals.

The Mazarra can be programmed to control the photoperiod and brightness of the system throughout the day.

Weather Mode
The Weather mode will simulate the effect of clouds slowly moving across the sky, casting shadows over the ocean.

As clouds slowly move across the sky, casting shadow over the ocean, the amount of sunlight received near the surface of the ocean dramatically reduced. By changing different parameters such as thickness of clouds and the speed they move at, you can program your Mazarra LED Lighting System to simulate any given day as sunny, cloudy, windy, overcast or rainy.

Dawn/Dusk Mode
When more than one Mazarra LED Module is connected to the Controller Unit, you can activate the Dawn/Dusk mode will simulate the effect of the sun slowly rises and sets over the horizon.

Controlled Intensity
Each individual LED bulb is fitted with swappable optics, letting you to choose between spread and intensity.

PAR measurement of a standard 120w Mazarra LED Lighting System.

The modular Mazarra system offers unprecedented scalability to all your lighting needs. With its wireless connectivity, adding a module is as easy as plug-and-play.

Passive Cooling
With the new Cree XLamp® XM-L chip, higher efficiency means less power is consumed and the Mazarra runs cooler than its predecessors.

Together with an ingenious aerodynamic design, the Mazarra is passively cooled when warm air passes through its aluminum chassis.

Versatile Mounting System
The uniquely designed Support Frame that will fit aquariums of all sizes and shapes, paired with the adjustable Platform Mount, by sliding and mounting the LED module at an angle, you can now take full control of your lighting system, directing light exactly where you wanted.

Mix-and-Match, Plug-and-Play
Mazarra is the only LED Lighting System available on the market that offers both plug-and-play LED bulb replacement design and LED bulbs covering the entire color spectrum, allowing maximum customization and flexibility.

Paint the Rainbow Yourself
Unlike traditional Metal Halide, T5HO fixtures or even typical LED systems that predetermined the spectrum, Mazarra allows you to pick the right spectrum for your aquarium, and bring out that color from your corals exactly like you have always dreamed of.

LED Channels Layout
The Mazarra P Series has 4 LED channels, while the S Series has 2 LED channels.

LED Chips Layout
The Mazarra P Series utilize Cree XM-L, Philips Rebel ES and Bridgelux LED chips, while the Mazarra S Series utilize Bridgelux LED chips.


* 60W Each Module
* 4 Independent Dimmable Channels
* Cree XM-L, Luxeon Rebel, and Bridelux Chips
* Actively cooled
* 100, 70, and 40 degree optics included
* Swivel and slide mount included
* Available in Black only at this time
* Each power supply supports 2 LED modules. (sold seperately)
* Although each frame set can easily support up to 8 LED modules per row, it's recommended for these setup configuration to use the hanging kit instead, in order to avoid putting too much stress on the glass/tank.
* If customer wants to install more than one row using the support mount to sit on the tank, they'll need to purchase another mount set.
* 4-Cree XM-L @ 1500mA
* 4-Bridgelux 10k@700mA
* 3-Luxeon Rebel 460nm Royal @700mA
* 3-Luxeon Reble 480nm Blue @ 700mA
* 2-Bridgelux 420nm@700mA

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