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Reef Fanatic pH Controller

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An advance pH controller for saltwater and planted aquariums.

An advance pH controller for saltwater and planted aquariums.

Micro pH controller includes pH probe and one set of pH calibration fluid. Excellent for reef aquarium with calcium reactor setup and plant aquarium with CO2 setup. Calibration of a new pH probe is done just a push of buttons.

* Microprocessor base pH controller
* All programmable functions are done with a touch of keypad
* No screws or knobs to turn
* 0.6" easy to read LED display
* LED light indicators
* Measures pH 0 to pH 14
* Accuracy: +/- 0.01 pH
* Select Hi or Low Action
* Automatic digital calibration for pH7 and pH4
* Display pH reading continuously

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  1. Excellent Controller Review by Gundlach

    Ive had this running for about two weeks now and it is working perfectly. Calibrating it is as simple as pushing two buttons simultaneously. It has an offset feature to you can set when you want it to go off and when you want it back on. So mine is set at 6.8 with and offset of .02; that means it will run gas until it drops below 6.8 and then turn off until it rises above 6.82. That prevents it from bouncing back and forth every other second. You can program your own offset value to whatever you'd like. The only small problem is a very audible click when the solenoid flips on. Although it doesn't bother me at all, especially because its under a cabinet. (Posted on 4/1/2011)

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