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ATI Nutrition C - 500 mL

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ATI Nutrition C - 500 mL

Nutrition C fulfills two important functions at once:

  • It naturally and biologically reduces high levels of nutrients (PO4, NO3).
  • It promotes the energy metabolism of corals and microorganisms by the containing nutrients and care substances.

Nutrition C does not promote the development of labile biomass (one-sided bacterial proliferation), but deliberately nourishes most of the organisms in your reef aquarium. This stimulates coral growth as well as improves the biological stability of the whole system

The system comprehensive nutrient management system for each aquarium.

No matter if your corals are supplied with essentials by the Essentials pro, the Balling method or another system, with Nutritions you can control the nutrient situation in each aquarium.

Element supply:

KH, calcium, magnesium, trace elements

Essentials, Essentials pro, ...

Nutrient management:

Carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus

Nutritions C, N and P


The Nutritions contain numerous vital substances. These serve as food for your corals and useful reef dwellers, from which energy and building materials are extracted. Nutritions gives you extra control over the growth and coloration of corals, as well as the stability of the ecosystem in your aquairum.


Become a scientist, work with C: N: P

For living things to thrive and grow, you need to build proteins, fats and DNA from the building blocks carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). This also applies to the corals. With Nutrition C, N and P, get the understanding to properly use these nutrients and control their availability.


The ratio in which carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) are needed for growth is referred to as C: N: P ratio. It is specific to the various living things, but the C: N: P ratios of the different living things hardly differ. 
The best known C: N: P ratio is that of phytoplankton (Redfield ratio). It states that phytoplankton is made up of 106 parts carbon, 16 parts nitrogen and 1 part phosphorus. So phytoplankton needs 106 parts of carbon, 16 parts of nitrogen and 1 part of phosphorus to grow optimally.

If only one of these building blocks is missing, the reef inhabitants can no longer grow and it comes to the accumulation of nitrate and / or phosphate. The Solution: Professional nutrient management with Nutrition C, N and P.



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