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New - Maxspect Razor X LED Ligh Fixtures

Saturday, October 28, 2017 2:28:57 PM America/Chicago

  • New - Maxspect Razor X LED Ligh Fixtures

    • Lightweight Architectural Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame
    • Aerodynamic Passive Cooling Design
    • On-Board Advanced Controller with LED Display
    • Wireless Controllability with iOS and Android Devices*
    • Connect and Control up to 32 RSX Fixtures
    • Enhances Coral Growth & Coloration
    • Utilizes the 410/420nm Spectrum
    • 4 Programmable Channels
    • Mimic Nature from Dawn to Dusk
    • Includes Tank-top Mounting Legs
    • Utilizes Cree XLamp, XT-E & XP-E LED chips
    • Neptune Systems Apex Controller IOTA Ready**
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Maxspect Gyre XF-150 Generator, Wavemaker

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 10:18:55 PM America/Chicago


Next Generation of Water Moving Technology

The Maxspect Gyre is the world's first "gyre"- generating water moving device for aquariums. Compared to traditional powerheads and wavemakers that are based on propeller nozzle flow technology, the Maxspect Gyre is based on advanced crossflow technology which produces massive horizontal water movement leaving little to no deadspots in its wake.

Why gyre generator and not wavemaker?

Wavemakers excel in making waves, while waves are spectacular to watch in motion, they are in fact moving the majority of the water vertically up and down, with relatively low horizontal movement, especially near the bottom of the aquarium.

On the other hand, gyre generators excel in moving sheer flow of water from one side of the aquarium to the other. The sheer flow of water is so strong that i would bounce back from the opposite site to achieve full circulation within an aquarium, ie. generating "gyre flows".

Dictionary Definition: gyre (jīr) Pronunciation Key 
Gyres are ocean current systems that basically move the water in a circular way. A spiral oceanic surface current driven primarily by the global wind system and constrained by the continents surrounding the three ocean basins (Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian). Each ocean basin has a large gyre in the subtropical region, centered around 30° north and south latitude. Smaller gyres occur at 50° north latitude in the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The direction of a gyre's rotation is determined by the prevailing winds in the region, with the large subtropical gyres rotating clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.


Maxspect XF150 Gyre

Contents: Gyre Pump with Magnet Mount, Basic Controller with mountable craddle, Power Supply, Spare Rotors and Cages.

Pump Module

Dimensions (LxWxH): 11.8 x 2.9 x 2.4in
Weight: 1.91lb

Power Supply Unit

Model: GM85-360200-F
Input Voltage / Current: 115-230vAC 50/60Hz 
Output Voltage / Current: 36vDC 2A 
Weight: 300g /0.7 lb

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NEW AquaIllumination AI Prime LED Fixture

Monday, November 10, 2014 7:42:23 PM America/Chicago

AquaIllumination AI Prime LED Fixtures

AquaIllumination AI Prime LED, Wi-Fi

The AI Prime™ is the first light from AI to include Wi-Fi control standard. That means that no Controller or Director is needed to adjust your light, a smartphone or computer is all you need. As with all of AI's product lines, the

 AquaIllumination AI Prime LED Fixture Spectrum PAR

AI Prime™ continues in their full-spectrum footsteps with the colors that your livestock craves.

AquaIllumination AI Prime LED Fixture White

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Aqua Medic EcoDrift Pumps

Monday, November 10, 2014 7:00:46 PM America/Chicago

The EcoDrift is a fully controllable current pump and wave maker. 24 V, incl. safety isolating transformer 100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz. Vibration-reducing magnetic holder (very quiet), 180° swiveling head Wave-controller for controlling the current output and waves frequency. Contains a light sensor for automatic current reductions at night.

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Eshopps Wet Dry Trickle Filters

Monday, November 10, 2014 6:56:33 PM America/Chicago

Eshopps’ compact wet-dry filters fit comfortably in sumps without taking much space. The smart, easy-access sump allows for convenient installation of the return pump. The wet-dry drip tray filter provides efficient biological filtration to process toxic ammonia and nitrite. Includes overflow box, bio balls, drip tray and cover, egg crate, filter pad, return nozzle with vinyl tubing, 1" bulkhead, and 3 ft. x 1-1/4" flex hose.

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New Tunze DOC 9001 Nano Protein Skimmer

Saturday, July 19, 2014 3:22:27 PM America/Chicago

Presenting the "smallest" TUNZE® Comline® DOC Skimmer, 9001

Simple, quiet and effective - these are the current demands towards aquarium components. Only a goal-oriented design can counteract the required complexity, and that is precisely what distinguishes the new small Comline® DOC Skimmer 9001. A true „plug and play“ skimmer for small seawater aquariums with 20 to 140 liters (5.3 to 37 USgal.). There's no complicated setup or regular adjustment required. Just install it into a corner of the aquarium and let it operate. 
It works according to the TUNZE® Flash Skimming principle, where the pump can be oriented in four different directions, and therefore precisely adapted to the aquarium.

Contact foam skimming (delivery state): The water circuit within the skimmer is partially closed, and the protein supply from the aquarium is automatically performed through the so-called molecular compensation pressure (diffusion). The TUNZE® invention for the contact skimming ensures that almost no living plankton is drawn into the pump circuit.
Standard skimming: The water intake is approx. 100mm (4 in.) below the water surface on the rear side of the skimmer, a setting which is suitable for all aquariums.
Surface suction with the Surface Kit: The ComLine® DOC skimmer 9001 is able to draw aquarium water from the right or the left side of the water surface. This improves the effectiveness of the skimming, because the proteins are concentrated on the surface of the water.

The TUNZE® Foamer 9001.040 air generator creates large volumes of fine air bubbles with a diameter of between 0.1 to 0.3mm (.0039 to .011"), and is especially quiet during the operation and only consumes 2.5W of energy. 
The Comline® DOC Skimmer 9001 can easily fit into completed nano aquariums sold by retailers, and is able to provide a considerably improved water quality for such small water volumes. It is delivered installation-ready, with a Surface Kit and Magnet Holder for a glass thickness of up to 10mm (3/8").

Dimensions: L 110mm x W 63mm x H 215mm (L 4.3 x W 2.5 x H 8.5 in.).

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Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 Electronic was designed to be hidden behind rock work and not on display like what happens with most pumps these days. They point vertically, shooting water directly at the deflector, which pushes the water in a horizontal direction, more or less. This deflector can be rotated to target flow to specific areas, but we’re thinking this setup will result in something along the lines of a gyre type system.

The new Turbelle Nanostream will be available in two different models. The NanoStreem 6020 is the smallest, and it is a non-controllable pump with a flow rate of 2500l/h (660 USgal./h) at just 4watts of power consumption. The other model in this new offering is the NanoStreem 6040, and besides bringing more flow to the table, this model will be controllable and will have a wider deflector. Dubbed the wide flow model, the 6040 has an adjustable flow rate of 200 to 4500l/h (53 to 1190 USgal./h) while consuming no more than 13watts at full bore. The 6040 will be controllable via the Multicontroller 7095, 7096, and 7097 (new model), as well as the Wavecontroller 7092.

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New Tunze Wavebox 6214

Saturday, July 19, 2014 2:24:46 PM America/Chicago

Tunze introduced their new generation of full size Comline Wvabox 6214. Expected availability is early to mid September 2014.

The new Waveboxes Comline ® 6214 is a wave generator for aquariums from 400 to 1400 liters depending on the geometry of the tank and its surroundings. Its compact dimensions allow discreet integration in a corner of the aquarium. For its operation, Waveboxes Comline ® 6214 uses a Turbelle ® stream and Controller.

Wavebox 6214 Specifications:

  • - Recommended tank size: 106 to 370 gal.
  • - Dimensions: L140 x W110 x H 300mm (L5.5  x W4.3 x H12 in.)
  • - Immersion depth: approx. 10" to 11"
  • - Powe Consumption (average): 26W at 24V, 100-240V/50-60Hz (115V/50-60Hz) on average
  • - For tanks from 200 to 1,200 litres (52 to 317USgal.)
  • - MAgnet Holder: up to glass thickness of 3/4"
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Continuum AquaBlade Scrapers

Monday, January 13, 2014 9:23:00 AM America/Chicago


Continuum AquaBlade Scrapers

 Take a good clean view of the new line of scrapers we carry!

By utilizing virgin plastic in the molding process instead of re-grind or recycled plastics, the AquaBlade is much stronger and more agile than other scrapers. The first time you pick up an AquaBlade you’ll notice the difference it makes. It feels strong and durable — perfect for work inside your aquarium. 

White Plastic
Allows you to see the scraper more easily through darker algae. This means you don’t miss any spots the first time around the aquarium.

The AquaBlade cyan blade was created by testing countless different types of plastics and plastic blends. The results are a special self lubricating plastic that is softer than acrylic, so it will not scratch acrylic*. Constructed of 316 stainless steel, the AquaBlade metal blade is both strong and rust resistant so removing that stubborn coralline algae is a breeze.

Compatibility built-in
100% Backwards compatible with previous units. Our scraper fits the old blades, our blades fit the old scraper.
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