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Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper ELITE Plus System

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Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper ELITE Plus System 
The ReefKeeper Elite is true to its name, standing alone in the industry as the most innovative aquarium controller on the market. With the most intuitive interface and easy to use system controls, you'll find it will simplify all aspects of your aquarium system that it controls. There's also no need to find a power outlet near the head unit as there's no power cord needed; power is provided right from the bus. 

The compact and convenient design, multiple mounting options and great looks makes the ReefKeeper Elite right for almost any installation; and without any unsightly probe wires dangling about, the head unit will add a touch of class to any tank! 

Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper ELITE System.


The ReefKeeper Elite is true to its name, standing alone in the industry as the most innovative aquarium controller on the market. With the most intuitive interface and easy to use system controls, you'll find it will simplify all aspects of your aquarium system that it controls. There's also no need to find a power outlet near the head unit as there's no power cord needed; power is provided right from the bus.
The compact and convenient design, multiple mounting options and great looks makes the ReefKeeper Elite right for almost any installation; and without any unsightly probe wires dangling about, the head unit will add a touch of class to any tank!

The ReefKeeper is the most expandable controller we know of, allowing the control of over 250 outlets. It has the capability of reading more probes and input devices than even the most demanding system will ever need. All this makes the RKE suitable for tanks from 1 to 10,000 gallons and beyond.

One of the biggest advantages of the RKE system is what it comes with! Other controllers leave you wanting and having to purchase add-ons just to get them to a usable level. The RKE system includes two PC4s; that's 8 outlets to control! You also get an SL1 that will allow you to monitor pH, ORP, temperature and two switches; not to mention a free temperature probe and pH probe. All this for hundreds of dollars less than other controllers that barely give you enough to get started.

Included Headunit:
1 x ReefKeeper Elite Head Unit (RKM-GC1)

Included Modules:
1 x RKM-SL1 (pH, ORP, temperature, 2 micro switches)
2 x RKM-PC4 (total of 8 outlets)
1 x RKM-SID (System Interface Device)

Included Accessories:
1 x pH Probe Kit
1 x Temperature Probe
2 x Switch Input Adapters
1 x 6' Bus Cable
2 x 3' Bus Cable
2 x 1' Bus Cable
1 x 6' USB Cable
8 x Mounting screws

Ethernet Capable
Because the ReefKeeper Elite is a modular system we have the ability to develop new features as time goes on. One feature that we've been defining is an Ethernet module that will allow users to take advantage of their home networks and the World Wide Web. Digital Aquatics is dedicated to producing quality products at great prices! This module is still under development and we're working on every aspect of it to reduce cost to you and NOT compromise safety and functionality. More to come on this optional module.

Wireless Communication
While a USB connection for your ReefKeeper Elite is needed for updates to firmware, nobody wants an unsightly wire running from their ReefKeeper to their PC. This will offer a Zigbee like wireless network experience. While we're not ready to release all the details, our wireless module will give you freedoms and abilities that other systems just can't offer. More to come on this optional module.

The RKE also has upgradeable firmware so your controller can grow with your system; and firmware updates are always free!

NEW - Advanced 11 button CapSense interface
By expanding from the traditional 3 button interfaces of the past we have given the user a more intuitive interface to navigate with. The RK Elite menu, programming, and viewing systems take full advantage of the new interface providing an all around easier experience.

NEW - 128 x 64 Graphical display (w/RGB backlight and 30 background colors)
The RK Elite utilizes a graphical display that allows us to display status icons, data graphs, and a variety of information in a way that has not been possible before.

NEW - More than 250 Programmable Channels
One of the highlights of the RK Elite system is its ability to control over 250 outlets. While most people will never need that many outlets, some will. Our goal is to be forward thinking and give your new system the freedom to grow.

Multiple Mounting Options
Like the RK1 and RK2 the RK Elite provides for multiple mounting options like flush mount and surface mount. While other controllers are big and awkward to mount needing unstable Velcro or unsightly restraints the RKE will add a touch of class to your system. Let face it, we all work hard to keep our tanks looking good and the RKE will be a great addition!

NEW - Home Screen (w/easy to read icons and data)
The new Home Screen provides you with quick information that is well laid out and easy to read. Icons provide you the current state of your system while you can quickly scroll through all the data for your tank with the touch of a button. Keeping tabs on your tank has never been easier!

Simple menu system for easy configuration
We've worked hard to try and make the interface as simple and intuitive as possible for the RK Elite. With the advantage of the new interface we're able to really produce a one of a kind experience.

Night Mode - Independently Programmable
Our Night Mode feature allows the RK Elite to change depending on the time of day. In Night Mode the RK Elite can activate your Moon Light Controller, dim your display, transitioning your tank into a calm state.

NEW - 63 Alarms
With 63 alarms and an audible and visual alert you'll know when any of your critical system parameters are out of range.

NEW - Data Logging
The RK Elite has onboard data logging for up to 32 probes/device with over 1000 data points each.

NEW - Data Graphing
With our new graphical head unit comes the ability to really display historic data the right way. Our dynamic graphing will help you track the performance of your system over time allowing you to quickly see when and where things are happening.

Metal Halide control with "Sure-On"
Just like the RK1 and RK2 the RK Elite system will make sure your Metal Halide bulbs come back on after a power interruption. Sure-On is a 15 minute delay that gives these expensive and sensitive bulbs time to cool which insures safe, continuing usage over time.

NEW - Light Timer with Weekday/Weekend schedules and safety temp cut off
New to the light timer is the ability to set different lighting modes for weekdays and weekends. This gives you the option of setting a lighting cycle that caters to your viewing schedule as it changes throughout the week. You still have our safety cut off temp that will shut your lights down if your tank gets above some set point.

Moon Light Controller (optional)
With the optional MLC the RK Elite system can simulate a true lunar cycle. Read more on the RKM-MLC in that section.

NEW - Multi-timer function
The multi-timer is all new. You're now able to stack up to four unique timers to create any on/off cycles you would like. This is great for dosing and other scheduled tasks that don't happen on a regular interval or for creating your own special cycle based on your needs.

NEW - 63 Dedicated Timers
There are 63 advanced timers you can program and with the Multi-timer you can mix and match them in any fashion you'd like to get even more complex functions.

NEW - 2 Standby/Feed/Service modes
The RK Elite also sports two user settable standby functions. This gives you the flexibility to configure multiple service modes for activities like feeding, water changes, and other maintenance.

Control Functions
The new "Controller" function can take any probe input and act on it with a user settable hysteresis. This includes pH, ORP, temperature and micro switches just for starters. You can also take action based on current draw or load on any PC4 and you'll be able use any future probes that are added to the system!

Sumps/Skimmers pump control
You can program the sump pump and skimmer pump functions to be off in standby and even have a standby delay just to make sure your system doesn't overflow or over skim food after a feeding.

Wavemaker A/B and C/D pump control
We've expanded our old wavemaker control to include a "D" mode. Now you can set up multiple pairs of power heads to get all the turbulent flow you need!

NEW - Top-off pump control
Use this setting to control a pump based on a micro switch for top-off and many other features.

NEW - Key Lock
Lock out unwanted and accidental usage of your RK Elite. With a simple lock, you can make sure the kids, your friends or anyone else doesn't mess with your controller.

Battery Backup
The battery in the RK Elite is user serviceable. If it ever goes dead it can be replaced without the need for service.

NEW - Audible Feedback
Also new to the RK Elite is audible feedback. You can turn this feature on or off depending on your preference.

Splash-proof Faceplate
Wet fingers aren't a problem with our full covering face plate.

Upgradeable Firmware
Like the RK2 before it the RK Elite has upgradeable firmware. This will help you maintain your investment over time and allow you it grow as we release more and more expandability!

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  1. Buyer Beware!! Review by Kim
    Product Rating:

    I purchased a Reefkeeper Elite Plus on Feb. 21, 2015 from Ready Set Reef. It was defective out of the box. I wasn’t concerned; it was guaranteed. I expected I would contact Digital Aquatics and they would send a replacement. Right?
    After receiving my unit I contacted DA by email for a replacement but was unsatisfied with the process. The representative would ask me one question about the malfunction and after I answered back I would have to wait another day for the next question. This continued for 3 days. Instead, I started calling DA to talk to someone directly. The phone was answered after several days by a tech support representative. He seemed stumped by my problem and seemed to have trouble getting the unit to perform. After many tries, following his direction over the phone, he got it to work or so I thought. I soon realized the problems with the unit weren’t fixed and wouldn’t be able to be fixed over the phone. For example:
    1. All the power to the power strips would randomly shut off. Sometimes for seconds; sometimes for hours. The unit would power back on but all my settings were changed. I had to reprogram the unit over and over. Lights, heater, circulation, everything shut off for hours. How dangerous is that? I have invested far too much in my tank to trust a unit like this.
    2. Heater/Fans/etc. were powered on when the control unit indicated they were off and vice versa. Whether I worked on the My Reef software or by hand with the head unit made little difference. The unit was sometimes unresponsive to trying to change the settings. The settings constantly erred out for no apparent reason.
    3. Temperature probe randomly gave false readings. It gave a false read of over one hundred and it turned on the fans. The fans than dropped my actual temp way below safe levels. Thank God I was home and caught it before anything was injured. I never got the PH probe to work at all.
    I tried to re-contact Digital Aquatics by phone but NEVER AGAIN GOT THROUGH. I called 10-20/day for days and left a few messages but no one answered my calls or returned my messages. It felt to me like my number was put on a blocked list after finding out from my first contact that I had a defective unit. I left several emails; emails linked to my original email and case number, and new emails in hopes of starting a new case number with someone different that would respond. NO RESPONSE, STILL WAITING!!!
    I tried a different route and contact Ready Set Reef and ask them to pressure DA to respond to my issue. Ready Set Reef replied quickly that they had made a call and DA said they would get back to me “soon”. On APRIL 7th, nearly a week later, I received an email from Eric (no last name). He stated that my email (singular) got lost in their spam folder and my situation only just came to their attention. I was so offended. I felt like after all this time I deserved something more than a callus lie for a response. I had been careful to link some of my emails as a reply to the email DA had sent to me. And what of the other emails, phone calls, messages?
    I immediately sent a copy of the invoice as requested by Eric in his email. He promised to start the process of switching the unit out. I very clearly said I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! What’s to say they don’t send me another defective unit and this whole process starts again? It’s been ANOTHER MONTH WAITING and I have heard nothing back from Eric.
    I decided to try yet another route. There was a MAX reef show in my area. I paid $15 plus parking to attend because DA had a booth at the show and I would be able to talk to someone in person. I met Eric Mileli, a DA representative, who was unapologetic and brief with me. He looked up my case number on his computer and had little to say. Could it be because he was the same Eric who contacted me by email? He took a copy of my invoice and gave me his cell phone number and told me to call him on Monday and he would check with someone and get back with me. I called on Monday, HE DIDN’T ANSWER; I left a message. I called again and again NO ANSWER; I left a message. Can you see a pattern here? In fact I have been waiting TWO WEEKS for Eric Mileli to return my call or get back with me. (All my contact information is on the invoice I gave him.)
    After THREE MONTHS of frustrating effort on my part I am still waiting to get a reply from DA. To say I feel ripped off is an understatement. It’s not the defective unit that bothers me, it’s the way the representatives for this company have treated me. I feel like I have been purposefully ignored instead of just reimbursing me for the defective unit in a legitimate way. Reefers need to be warned that if they happen to get a defective unit they will never see their investment again. I took the time to put in a lot of detail so you can judge for yourself.
    (Posted on 5/5/2015)

  2. Great system, just give it time Review by Ken
    Product Rating:

    It's technology, so you sometimes need to learn a little bit to understand how to get exactly what you want, but I have yet to find some way I cannot use my Reefkeeper Elite to handle something with my tank.

    I highly recommend this product and the modules associated with it. Definitely never going controller-less on a tank ever again. (Posted on 7/24/2014)

  3. excellent device Review by ROGER

    love the unit for all my needs from dosing to auto topoff to lighting and safety by keeping my heater from malfunctioning and controls my chiller ...man what doesn't this thing do ...just wish they would get the salinity probe module back on track would love to order it..
    Roger (Posted on 7/3/2012)

  4. I wouldnt buy again Review by Jay

    There are no instructions with the unit. If you want to figure out anything you have to subscribe to a forum and deal with all the knuckleheads that come along with any forum. I cant believe they are too cheap to print a manual. You will have to run back and forth between your computer and unit to set anything up. I would highly recommend not buying this unit because there are better options but it does work although the features and quality fall behind the competition. (Posted on 11/1/2011)

  5. money well spent Review by RDs

    Very happy with this unit, the timer works flawless. Been up and running now for two months. Not a single problem (Posted on 11/28/2010)

  6. OK controller...service a let down Review by James

    These are OK controllers, a bit limited compared to competition, namely Neptune. They are always experiencing delays with their modules and software. The new MyReef is kind of blah. There is no 3rd party pump control as of right now.
    Service takes a couple days to even get back to you. Compared to Neptune, who has returned all 3 or 4 of my emails in less than an hour. Research DA on any web message board before buying. (Posted on 10/27/2010)

  7. Absolutely awesome controller! And getting better! Review by NeveSSL

    This controller is great. I sold my expensive European controller and bought this one for several reasons, the main one being that expansion was affordable. I have had this unit for about 6 months now and not only is the unit very flexible in how it can be programmed, the support from Digital Aquatics is absolutely awesome! If you have any issues, they resolve them as quickly as possible. Good stuff! Also, they're very aggressively developing expansion for this unit. Im also going to buy a Reef Keeper Lite for my office nano. If you have any questions about these units and are seriously considering one, go check out the Digital Aquatics support forum. There are other controllers that are out that even look almost exactly like this one that are good, but the way Digital Aquatics listens to their customers needs and wants and actually respond to that is what sold me on this one. Plus, I don't need Tunze control. :) Great unit! (Posted on 8/7/2009)

  8. Great features, light on documentation Review by Trever

    When I first received my RKE kit, I was a little confused about how to set it up. The online documentation was great for explaining how to program it but didn't explain how to plug it together. After a bunch of digging I discovered that I was over thinking the whole set up. After figuring that out, it was a piece of cake to hook up and program.

    Great features. Would like to see Mac compatible software. So there are some shortcomings but the overall capabilities and features make me give this a 5 star rating. (Posted on 3/22/2009)

  9. Excellent Product Review by Rebel

    This is an easy to set up and use system. Its truly plug-n-play. Just daisy chain the modules together (in any order you like), plug in the power strips and program it. Its that simple. Very versatile and expandable. (Posted on 1/27/2009)

  10. ReefKeeper Elite Review by Kamy

    This is my first ever aquarium controller and I am very pleased with it. I am thrilled with the expandability and control it offers.

    Other reviews I read stated this unit was not ready for prime time, but I disagree. There may have been some hiccups earlier, but the firmware version loaded in my ReefKeeper Elite purchased from Aquacave are the latest available and have given me no problems.

    As this system is modular, I guess you can say it is always under development as Digital Aquatics is expanding their product line specifically for this system. I can't wait for the Network module to be released! (Posted on 12/27/2008)

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