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Ecotech Marine, Versa Dosing Pump VX-1 Single Head

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Ecotech Marine, Versa Dosing Pump VX-1 Single Head

EcoTech Marine has been at the top of their game since they made their debut into the aquarium industry with the MP40 Vortech Pump. They changed the lighting game with the release of their Radion LED Light Fixture, which is already in its 4th generation and has steadily improved each gen. Their Vectra pumps have set the standard for what a controllable return pump should be. And now... now they release a new dosing pump...?! Say whaaaa...?! Yes, as many of you may have seen or read about, EcoTech Marine has gone and dropped the announcement of another gem on us, the Versa Peristaltic Dosing Pump System.

Versa stands for versatility. This pump was designed to handle all your dosing needs, from Balling Method, to feeding your calcium reactor, to auto-top-off, and to your automatic water changes - oh baby! The Versa was designed from the ground up - not some relabeled peristaltic pump using the same components as any other on the market - with some original parts from a shaft that acts as the axis for rotation, to a stepper motor design and their motherboard.

The Versa is App controlled where you can set it up the frequency rates of dosing, to max dosage a day, and even emergency power outtage programming to evenly dose for the time it was out of power. This can all be dosed out of either of their three line connection options: barbed, female push connects, and elbow push connects.

Expandable. The Versa VX-1 can be purchased as a single doser, with the ability for it to be mounted by its cleat harness, however, if you "need" to expand and save room, Ecotech offers the VXB. The VXB is the base power control station that will allow up to four Versa Dosing Pumps to run on a single mounted platform and powered by a single power supply. But, if you are already projecting you will need more pumps of the jump, the VXF will also be offered which comes complete with four VX-1s and the VXB base station.

Talk about durable, with EcoTech`s quality control their accelerated wear test has already projected numbers of up 100 years worth of water changes from multiple pumps, so you can be sure this may be the last dosing pump you will need.

Mobius is EcoTech’s new Equipment control app. Mobius is available for free download from the iOS and Android app store (available at time of Versa publis launch). Mobius turns your smartphone or device into the control center for your EcoTech equipment including the Versa.

After installing the Mobius app you will be prompted to create a tank profile – you can then add all available (and compatible) EcoTech equipment and within minutes create a fully customized program schedule.

By using app control as the interface for programming the Versa – the user gets fast and simple touch screen control of the equipment – this greatly simplifies complex programming by utilizing the computing power of the smart device and its intuitive touch screen interface. This removes the need to access a control panel and cycle through options and settings with a cumbersome onboard interface and hard to press buttons.

Other than an iOs or Android smart device no additional controller is required.

The Versa pump is controllable exclusively with Mobius and is not backwards compatible with EcoSmart Live.

The base station includes a tactile button for each pump to manually dose or prime a pump (both functions are also available through the Mobius app).

The Mobius app is required to create a 24 hour dosing schedule for the Vectra.

The Versa has an impressive list of features that are likely to expand as Mobius develops and with the addition of future equipment currently in development by EcoTech Marine.

  •  Large range dosing capability (.5ul-300ml/minute)
  •  Heavy Duty Construction
  •  Consistent and Reliable Stepper Motor with Planetary Gear Drive
  •  Safeguards against over-dosing and user error
  •  BT onboard
 Mobius Programming Allows For:
  • Continuous dosing over time
  • Up to 30 discreet dosing points
  • 3 Dosing Modes; Automated, Calculated or Manual
  • Dosing as part of scenes and routines
  • Integration with other EcoTech/Mobius equipment (eg. Feed mode)
  • Capacity of over 200 Versa pumps per system
  •  1 Year Parts and Labor EcoTech Warranty
  •  Quiet Operation
  •  Modular Design
  •  Easy to maintain
  •  Included Barbed Connector - Two Optional Interchangeable connectors also available. (Push to connect stem, Push to connect female).


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  1. Best pump for water changes Review by kenneth
    Product Rating:

    Been doing water changes with DOS in my garage loudest pump and keeps folks up during the night. This pump is silent and moves 3 gallons a day during noon to midnight without a whisper. GOODBYE DOS I have 3 that will be replaced really soon.
    I have also a GHL maxi another cement mixer pump but with no automation. GOODBYE MAXI!!!
    Buy it you will not regret the purchase so many expensive items that are JUNK..... (Posted on 3/30/2020)

  2. Excellent Review by John
    Product Rating:

    It's a must works like no other dosing ever had , I like the idea of push to connect fitting. you will not be disappointed if buy this dosing pump. (Posted on 3/28/2020)

  3. Great Initial experience Review by Austin
    Product Rating:

    I ordered 2 of these ( I wanted the 4 set but none were available)

    They arrive nicely packaged and feel of quality when held. Setup and updating was pretty straight forward. These connect with Bluetooth so you have to be near them to control them.

    The push to connect fittings are great. There are barbs provided if you wish to use softer line.

    The pumps are silent at low dose rates. At 200 ML/min they are a bit loud. It sounds like gears which is not surprising. I am using one as part of a water change system, but it runs at about 8 ML/MIN so I do not hear it.

    My only complaint is the power cord for the single units. I have mine just sitting and not mounted to anything. The power cord does not lock in place very well and i have accidentally unplugged them when moving them around when the power cord just came out. This would not be an issue for a set of 4 on the mounting plate as they use a different connector altogether which is plugged with a rubber stopper when using single units.

    I cannot speak to the longevity of these since I have only had them up and running for a bit over a week, but my initial impression is a good one! I wish I could have gotten my hands on the 4 pack or that Echo tech wasn't charging so much for the 4 place station. (Posted on 3/19/2020)

  4. Must get Review by Versa is great
    Product Rating:

    I purchased the versa did my CaRx and it didn’t disappoint.. a must get (Posted on 2/18/2020)

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