The Mitras® LX 7000 series is an ultra-bright LED full-spectrum light with an enormous power density that ensures natural brilliant colors, uniform illumination, and radiant brightness in your aquarium. 

Mitras LX 7 Series Newest features:

-Ultraviolet LEDs give you superior colors and growth for demanding corals (for marine water version only)
-Built-in WiFi module
-myGHL cloud compatible
-Adjustable performance distribution using

Features carrying over from LX6 series:

-Wide and even light distribution without the “disco effect”
-High-performance reflectors with 99% reflection and high diffusion to minimize light loss from spreading and ensure superior color mixing
-Complete coverage of the relevant spectrum
-Several functions such as moon phase, thunderstorm, seasonal lighting, and clouds.
-Radio module for communicating with other Mitras LX lamps
-Easily accessible graphic display and capacitive keyboard on the side of the fixture
-LED clusters can be exchanged individually
-Efficient wide range power supply
-Innovative and efficient temperature management through active and passive cooling, temperature-controlled and quiet fans