Now available -  Sicce Multi Quiet Pumps


The Sicce Multi Quiet Pumps are non-neodymium rotor pumps designed for demanding usage. Cooler, quieter, and more efficient than lower quality products currently on the market. MULTI pumps have been designed for both submerged and in-line operation. They guarantee low working temperature, excellent performance and low consumption. They find a wide range of usage in the hydroponics sector, ornamental fountains, hydraulic systems, thanks to a robust and compact design.


- uni-directional volute
- male thread inlet and outlet
- 6ft bipolar for aquariums or indoor hydroponics
- 20ft grounded cords for outdoor use

Other Features Included:

(Please note some features are not available for all models) 

- Adjustable Flow Regulation 

WET & DRY Application

Ergonomic handle to make transport and installation easier

Reduced consumption and great reliability

Prechamber for DRY application included

12V - Low Voltage option available