A World's First - Rossmont SX Protein Skimmer


The All New Rossmont Skimmer is an fascinating new protein skimmer from the Italian company that keeps producing innovative aquarium gear. While the rest of the aquarium companies have fully embraced controllable DC pumps for their products, Rossmont has marked their own path using their own version of controllable AC pumps.

It's powered by the newest Riser SX which is an AC motor, granting a dependable and continious operation. But still fully manageable through the Waver controller which can be programmed via the "InTouch" rossmont app. Programming the Skimmer opens up a new world of results and advantages especially when synchronized with dosing pumps in the tank.

The Rossmont Skimmer is available in two sizes, the 30 watt SX250 and the 38 watt SX500.


-4H Programmable Graph and preset hybrid system

-Sync it with your dosing pumps

-Fine tuning Wet & Dry skimming combination

-Min level Calibration

-Small footprint

-Quiet operation

-Easy adjust

-Quick maintenance