Just Released - Trigger Systems Platinum Sumps


Trigger has been testing their PLATINUM series for over a year and a half to make sure they have a solid, proven design. This PLATINUM series includes an automated, continuous mechanical filtration that replaces filter socks. After testing several different designs it was discovered that having the fleece roll system sized to the sump is by far the most efficient. Trigger's fleece rolls have been lasting 4 to over 6 months, unlike filter socks that need to be changed every few days. Users have been reporting improved water quality, with some stating algae is no longer a problem. This new design will automatically roll new fleece to be filtered as soon as the fleece in the sump becomes dirty.

Trigger has created a diamond pattern for the water to flow through which follows the gem theme, but purposely uses the most surface area on the fleece. Maximizing surface area is key to this design that allows the fleece to last longer and to allow for greater water flow. They have tested this design up to 3000 gph without any flow problems, it was the biggest pump they had!

The PLATINUM line comes with a high torque motor to prevent burn up when pulling the fleece in high flow applications. As well as redundant shut off sensors to make sure the fleece roll stops when the return pump shuts off. Finally on all models (except the cube), the middle wall that separates the skimmer and refugium sections is move-able and removable allowing the user to ensure their skimmer fits and maximizing the area for the refugium. Or if they like the user can remove the wall and just have one large chamber.

Trigger Systems has clearly spared no expense on the PLATINUM line.





Additional Features:

- Four 0.25″ tubing quick disconnects for dosing and ATO
- Cord holders to secure wires, cables and hoses
- Polycarbonate lid over fleece area
- Four position probe holder
- Wire channels to hide wires
- Adjustable water level with self adjusting top platform
- Dual acrylic platforms with diamond cut out pattern
- Laser engraved water level markings
- Additional 1″ input fitting that can be placed along top brace