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Pax Bellum ARID N24 Macroalgae Reactor

Product code: 8011

Item No. RG-PB-N24

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Quick Overview

Pax Bellum ARID N24 Macroalgae Reactor


  • Recommended size Aquarium: 120-300US gal.
  • Recommended Flow Rate: 200-400gph
  • ChamberMaterial: Cast Acrylic
  • Footprint: 9.5" x8.25"
  • Height: 22.625"
  • Inlet/Outlet port size: 3/4" FNPT
  • Powerconsumption: 20 Watts (Theincludedpower supply canaccept90-240vac,50/60hzinput.Swapping power cords allows this reactor to work worldwide, ask aboutcountry specific power cords)



The concept of using macroalgae as a method of nutrient export is not new. However,the introduction of the ARID (AlgaeRemediationIlluminated Device)theoriginal,patentedmacroalgae reactorby Pax Bellum is a quantum leap forward. This ingeniousdevice utilizes macroalgae (specifically Chaetomorpha) to function as atunablenutrient exportmechanism. The unique design of the ARID incorporates a coaxial LEDlight tube to maximize light penetration and efficiency.The tube and flange designofthe device serves to isolate the algae from atmosphericCO2, which effectivelylimits the carbonsource for the algae toonlythat which isrespired by organisms within the aquarium.This is a self regulating feature andeliminates organic carbon buildup(yellowing of the water).The ARID isanalogoustoalung for the aquarium, bysupersaturatingthe aquarium with oxygen createdby thealgaeduring its respirationwhileremovingexcess CO2. Pax Bellum recommendsrunning the ARID on a "reverse daylight" cycle (i.e.; opposite of the display aquarium)which helps tobalance the natural day/night pH swingthat occur, and tomaintainhigh dissolved oxygenlevels throughout the night when the display aquarium lightingis off and photosynthesis has ceased.TheARIDis capable ofTargeting SpecificNutrient(s) forExport. In the reefaquarium the mainconcern is balancing the nutrients N:P:K:C, with the goal oflimitingphosphate(P).Usually never in short supply,Potassium (K) and carbon (C) arenotdosed. However,Nitrogen (N) can become depletedrapidly by the growth of algae,causing growth to stall. To keep the algae growing, the aquarist should dose the,“Nitrogen+Molybdenum”solutionthat came withtheARIDreactor,at a rate tomaintaintheratio of NO3 to PO4ata minimum of 20:1 and ideally at100:1(example;3ppmNO3to0.03ppm PO4). Maintaining this ratio will allow the Chaetomorpha or macro-algae of choice to continue to grow until phosphate levels reach the minimum cut off forgrowth at 0.02ppm.

Usethe ARIDwith theTriton Method:One of the reasons we love thisproduct is dueto the fact that it is satisfies the need for the algae component when running the TritonMethod. This method relies heavily on algae as the heart of the filtration system.Nutrients, namely No3 and Po4 are largely kept in check by an algaecomponentroughly 15-20% of the system volume.For aquarists that currently lack the space orability to incorporate a large algae filter in their existing or new setup, this upright,sealed unit offers an excellent alternative. Because of the fast growingnature ofChaetomorpha algaeespecially in this reactor, we recommend placing it in the upperhalf,if placing other algae in the same unit.Use the ARID with aCalcium Reactor. PurchasetheCa injectionassembly(CaReactor FeedandInjection Assembly)thiscompact manifoldthreads directly into thewater inlet on the base of the ARID n24, c30, c36 and inlinewith tubingon the n18. Theassembly can be installed or removed at any time by the aquarist. Thisoptionalkitsendswaterdirectlyto a Ca reactor or peristaltic pump supplying the Ca reactor,andreceiveseffluent from the Ca reactor. This is accomplishedby separating thehigh andlow pressureports by a user preset valve.The effluent coming from the calcium reactorpasses through theincludeddrip counter,and then enters the low pressure side of thecalcium injection assemblywhereitmixes with the bulk of the water entering the ARID,makingcontact with the macro-algae where it isstripped of excess CO2 andPO4before entering the reef system. Thisoptional kitcanincrease the growth rateofyour macroalgae and with itthe nutrient uptakerateand dissolved oxygen production.This unit comes with the quick disconnect fittings,and starter solutions60ml Fe+Mnand250ml N+Mo.Algae and Pumparenotincluded.

N2 Chamber liner 3pk

Add a liner to your n18 chamber to make cleaningeasier while maintaining the lightreflectivity of your chamber walls for optimal macroalgae growth rates.Liners have a spiral cut to make them self adjusting to variations in chamberdiameters.Made from FDA approved polymers the LED array facing side has a bright white lowenergy surface that is difficult for organisms to attach to. The chamber wall facing sideis matte for increased surface adhesion so it stays put.Expected lifespan of each liner is up to 1 year. Includes; 3 spiral cut liner.

N24 Power Supply

Replacementpower supply for the ARID n24: output 12vdc @2.08amps,25Watts;universal input90-240vac,50/60hz.Swapping power cords allows this power supply towork worldwide. Power cord is not included.

N24 Chamber

Replacementchamber for theARIDn24consisting of; acrylicchamber, flange o-ring,flange screws,andquick disconnectfitting installed.

N 24Flange Seal

Replacementlid to flange O-ring sealfor the ARID n24

N24 LED array

Replacement LED array for the ARID n24.This is the light engine of the ARID reactor.The array has an output of20w of full spectrum light kept cool with an integratedthermal management using heat pipe technology. Power supply and power cord soldseparately.

N24Light SleeveAssembly

The n24light sleeveassemblyis a replacement component for the n24ARID reactorconsisting off, the clear polymer protective light sleeve, diffuser discs, disc retainers,spiralstrandsand Uniseal. The assembly is a high wearcomponent and werecommend replacing it yearly for optimal light transmission and durability. Polymersused havebetter than90% light transmission,are highly resistant to impact, thermalcycling stress,cracking,and have a long track record of use in the marine environment.


Product code: 8011
Item No. RG-PB-N24

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